Vision, Mission, Objective & Function


  • Pioneer in National Fishermen and Fisheries Industry Development.



  • Creating a developed, independent and progressive fishermen community
  • Increase production and ensure the national fish supply is sufficient and complying with standards
  • Provide modern and integrated fishery infrastructure facilities
  • Create competent human resources



  • Improving the socio-economic position of fishermen with a focus on increasing income.
  • Develop and advance the national fisheries industry.


LKIM Functions

  • Encourage & promote efficient and effective management of fish industry and marketing.
  • Establish and supervise credit facilities for fish production and ensure that these facilities are fully utilized.
  • Participate in fisheries enterprises and for that purpose participate in boat construction and production of fish supplies and equipment.
  • Encourage, intensify, facilitate and work for the economic and social progress of Fishermen’s Associations.
  • Register, control and supervise Fishermen’s Associations and provide allocations for matters related therewith.