Registrar’s Speech


Assalamualaikum W.B.T. and greetings,

I would like to express my utmost gratitude to God for His blessings and grace we are able to meet again in 2019. I pray that all fishermen community leaders and members of the Fishermen’s Association at all levels will be blessed with success and prosperity all year around.

The journey and development of the fishermen’s association has never shifted from its main establishment objective, which is to improve the socio-economic position of fishermen with an emphasis on raising income, besides expanding and developing the nation’s fisheries industry.

The year 2019 is a very challenging year indeed for all fishermen’s associations. Issues and challenges in the fisheries industry such as diminishing fisheries resources, global warming which result in local weather changes and coastal development affecting fish breeding areas have affected and furthermore deteriorated resources. This affects the income of fishermen and the nation’s fish processing industry.

Therefore, the fishermen’s association must co-operate with the Registrar to find ways to address upon these specific issues relating to their respective associations. The government is well aware of the lack of interest by the younger generation in the fisheries industry resulting in dependence on foreign labour as well as the issue of intrusion of foreign fishermen haunting local fishermen who are forced to fight for resources from the same location.

To overcome the rising cost of inputs and the rising cost of living, the role of the Fishermen’s Association is also required to diversify activities. The association takes care of 97,866 members among fishermen throughout the country. Specialization in certain economic projects that can become the source of income for the association should be made. Proceeds from profitable income should be returned to members in the form of dividends. To enjoy fair dividends, fishermen need to increase their share capital in fishermen’s associations. Savings in fishermen’s associations are guaranteed to be safe because the rules of the association which do not allow the shares of members to be capitalized on, instead assure that these shares are always maintained.

It is the responsibility of the Registrar to monitor every progress of fishermen’s associations, medium-term and long-term strategic planning is formed so that the associations do not derail from its main objectives. A close collaboration between the management of associations and LKIM management is highly demanded. Hopefully this close relationship will be sustained for the continued implementation of programs that are more effective and beneficial to fishermen.

LKIM hopes that all fishermen’s associations will continue to stand up and become a defender to the fishermen community in the country, furthermore be able to independently generate income and reduce dependence on the government. We would like to see fishermen’s associations continue to be relevant to the goals of its establishment and even become the place where fishermen can come to and share their problems. The management of fishermen’s associations is also encouraged to always come up with special programs for the children and wives of fishermen, as well as young fishermen. With special programs held for the wives and young fishermen, this will increase household income and will be able to bring fishermen out of the poverty threshold.

I take this opportunity to wish all Fishermen’s Associations a happy and more prosperous year ahead than previous years. Let us make past issues and achievements as examples and the success of other associations as a challenge for us to succeed equally.

As the Malay proverb goes ‘Bulat air kerana pembentung, bulat manusia kerana muafakat’ which truly defines the art of mutual understanding and agreement. Let’s adopt this a guide within our associations.

I conclude with wishing all good luck and happy new year 2019.