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Marine Fisheries Development

Created with the aim of increasing the productivity of fish catches and related enterprises through the improvement of technology and skills, especially in the fishing development areas. The main focus that is being done is to ensure that the country’s protein source, which is fish, can be obtained sustainably and involve the youth. Therefore, various programmes are being implemented as follows:


Among the Marine Fisheries Development programmes are as follows:


Fishing Boat Modernization Programme

The deep sea modernization programme is an effort to help fishermen in improving boat infrastructure and the latest equipment in the fishing sector. The use of modern equipment is encouraged to reduce the cost of fishing operations in addition to facilitating the operation of fishermen at sea with the use of modern and efficient equipment.

Modern Equipment Assistance (Touch Point)

The equipment assistance programme aims to encourage fishermen to take to the sea using more modern boats and better fishing equipment. The use of modern equipment can help reduce operating costs, time and increase the catch. This indirectly increases the income of fishermen in general.

Among the assistance that can be given to fishermen through this programme are as follows:

  • Upgrade fiberglass boats
  • Upgrade existing boat engines
  • Upgrade new fishing equipment

Fishing Site Identification System (FSI)

Development of the Fishing Site Identification System (FSI) with the latest technology for more efficient access to fishing locations. This system can predict and determine the potential fishing zone over time by using effective applications and devices. The widespread use of sending information through the use of the telephone can save time and a more accurate and up-to-date communicator can be created. This programme was developed through collaboration between LKIM, NEKMAT, the Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency (ARSM) and the Department of Fisheries Malaysia (DOF).

Human Capital Course

The Human Capital Course aims to train and give more in-depth knowledge to fishermen in the skills of handling fishing equipment. The course conducted can help fishermen operate equipment correctly and have skills in repairing equipment in case of damage.

Among the fishing equipment technology skills courses given to fishermen include the following aspects:

  • Boat engine maintenance
  • Good fish catch handling
  • The making of fish traps and various equipment that are effective for catching fish
  • Introduction and techniques of using modern fishing equipment

Strategic Cooperation for the Development of Marine Fisheries

Under the Marine Fisheries Development Programme, LKIM also established a strategic partnership with the Department of Fisheries Malaysia (DOF) which includes the following programmes:


  • Tuna Fishing Industry Development Project
    This project aims to develop the tuna fishing industry through the improvement of port facilities and the development of tuna-based downstream industries.

  • Fish Aggregating Device Development Project
    The Fish Aggregating Device (Unjam) Development Project is an effective short-term measure to preserve the habitat of marine resources in addition to helping and facilitating fishing activities by local fishermen.