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Camar Laut Training Centre

The LKIM Training Centre was established to meet the needs and objectives of the Management of the Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia (LKIM) to create a LKIM Staff Training Centre and target group with the concept of accommodation services and the provision of training facilities. The quality policy of the Training Centre is to produce competent human capital and provide quality services.


The administration of the LKIM Training Centre began in 1991 under the Human Resource Development and Communications. It was later placed under the Training Unit, Administrative Division and under the supervision of LKIM Selangor. In 2009, the LKIM Training Centre was administered by the Headquarters and became the responsibility of the Training and Competence Section, LKIM Management Services Division to facilitate administrative matters. Infrastructure and operating expenses of the LKIM Camar Laut Training Centre is from the internal allocation resources (APDS) and has reached RM 70 million.


The LKIM Training Centre is directly involved in the resort-concept accommodation industry and is now growing and the response is very encouraging with an Occupancy Rate of 50%. There are two main factors contributing to this, which are economical accommodation services with the concept of nature/ rural tourism and the provision of comprehensive facilities for courses, seminars, events and recreation. Among the facilities provided are 18 Chalet units (Single and Twin) as well as multi-storey accommodation buildings including 12 Standard room units and 2 Suite room units, Lecture Hall, Multipurpose Hall, Dining Hall, Surau and Recreation Field.


The development phase of the LKIM Training Centre had started since 1990 with the provision of 18 wooden chalet units with other facilities such as canteen, office and surau. In 2001, additional academic blocks for course facilities and a multi-purpose hall (gatherings, sports and recreation) were built. This was followed by the construction of a 14-unit accommodation building in 2005. To date, all facilities provided by LKIM Training Centre almost fulfills the full requirements in the provision of course and commercial facility services.


In tandem with the density of course participants and increase in 2013, the Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia (LKIM) has built a 3-storey building on Lot 977, in the sub-district of Sepang as contained in PLLKIM Strategic Development Proposal using internal resource allocations of LKIM.


This three-storey building named Sri Camar Hall houses three (3) floors with different facilities. The first (1) floor houses a modern and conceptual Dining Hall with a capacity of 200 people at a time. The second (2) floor is two (2) Lecture or Seminar Rooms that can accommodate up to 150 people at a time and also a Lounge (rest and waiting room). The third floor (3) is the Exercise Centre or Gym which provides a “Relax And Healthy” service. While the swimming pool with an area of 3,620 square feet is one of the recreational facilities that attracts visitors at PLLKIM.

LKIM Camar Laut Training Centre, Bagan Lalang, 43950 Sungai Pelek, Sepang, Selangor

03 – 3141 1912

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