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1. To increase income of RM 300.00/ month to 200 aid recipients under the Fishing Community Poverty Eradication Programme.

2. To increase income of RM 300.00/ month to 200 aid recipients under the Azam Tani Programme.

3. To upgrade 5 Complexes and Ports to meet international standards.

4. To strengthen the Fishermen Housing Programme by setting restoration works on 4,000 houses, construction of 400 houses, 4 fishing settlements and 37 fishing villages for beautification programmes.

5. To export 5 entrepreneurial products (level 5) to Asean countries as well as 3 outlets in the importing countries and 3 companies successful in implementing business matching.

6. To encourage 70 Fishermen Associations to purchase fish directly from 6,000 fishermen with a total volume of 2,250 mt.

7. To build 4 Aquaculture Fish Collection and Distribution Centres involving 4 participants with a total volume of 100 mt.

8. To build 20 fishermen markets with an annual sales value of RM 40 million as well as 800 fishermen earning an income of RM 2,000.00 each.

9. To develop 50 level 1 and 2 young agropreneurs through the Matching Grant programme.

10. To improve the skills and human capital of 658 fishermen through the 21 courses implemented.

11. To make the LKIM Complex of Labuan as a Tuna Landing Hub with a landing quantity of 30 mt.

12. To prepare the daily needs for 52,000 recipients through the 1Malaysia Fishermen Food Grant Programme (MN1M).