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  • Ensure that engineering projects are completed as planned.
  • Ensure that the fishery infrastructures and facilities are in good and usable conditions.
  • Enrich and enhance the knowledge of Officers from the Engineering Division in the relevant engineering field through courses, workshops and seminars.



  • Implementation of projects carried out must be in accordance with the stipulated engineering standards and meet client’s needs.
  • Ensure that the existing infrastructure conditions are always in good and safe conditions as well as performing maintenance if necessary.
  • Tender and quotation evaluation report for approval of the Tender Board and Quotation Committee Meeting will be completed a week prior to the Committee convenes.
  • Receipt of payment for development works/ services via quotation/ tender completed within a 2-day period after receipt of bills/ claims if the conditions are met.
  • Willing to provide good vehicle inspection through workshop services selected and tested for performance, which is reviewed from time to time.
  • Submit Annual Report of Division ending 31 December every year to the Corporate Planning Division before 15 January of the following year.
  • Issue the Division’s Fixed Asset Verification Report to the Administration Division each year before 31 January the following year.



  • Design and manage the construction of infrastructures and general facilities of the fisheries industries funded by LKIM.
  • Coordinate and supervise projects designed and managed by JKR, JPS or Private Consultants.
  • Design and manage the renovation and additional works on existing infrastructures and general facilities.
  • Oversee and implement maintenance programmes on fisheries infrastructure and general facilities as well as LKIM’s equipment.
  • Provide service support in the field of engineering to other divisions under LKIM.


A. Civil & Structural Engineering Section’s Tasks

  • Conduct land survey and hydrography study for new projects of LKIM.
  • Design new LKIM projects such as LKIM mini complex, fishery products processing centre, jetty, auction hall, offices, quarters and other Civil Engineering projects of LKIM.
  • Create cost estimates for each Civil Engineering projects of LKIM.
  • Create tender/quotation reports for Civil Engineering projects of LKIM.
  • Conduct visits to work sites and check the LKIM Civil Engineering work progress in running.
  • Prepare the physical progress report on each Civil Engineering project of LKIM and report to the top management.
  • Provide technical advice services to other LKIM Divisions on matters pertaining to Civil Engineering.
  • Conduct inspection/maintenance on LKIM’s complex, jetty, auction halls, offices, quarters, and other Civil Engineering infrastructures owned by LKIM.
  • Cooperate with JKR/JPS/Private Consultants in planning/coordinating the construction of LKIM Complex, jetty and other Civil Engineering projects of LKIM.
  • Attend site meetings of each LKIM projects undertaken by JKR/JPS/Private Consultants to resolve any construction issues and report work progress to LKIM.
  • Represent Director of Engineering to meetings in which he is unable to attend.


B. Mechanical Engineering Section’s Tasks

  • Conduct feasibility study for each new Mechanical and Refrigeration Engineering project.
  • Designing new LKIM projects such as Ice Factory, Blast Freezer, related Electrical works and other LKIM Mechanical and Refrigeration Engineering.
  • Provide quotation/tender documents and plans for quotation/tender calls for each project.
  • Create cost estimates for each mechanical project of LKIM.
  • Provide advice services to other divisions on matters pertaining to Mechanical and Refrigeration Engineering.
  • Cooperate with the Private Consultants in planning and coordinating the execution of Mechanical and Refrigeration Engineering projects carried out by them.
  • Attend the site meetings of each LKIM project undertaken to solve any problems and report on the work progress to LKIM.
  • Conduct inspections, organise and manage maintenance work of office vehicles, cold room, blast freezer, ice factory, air conditioning and other mechanical equipment owned by LKIM.


C. Electrical Engineering Section’s Tasks

  • Conduct a feasibility study for each new project of the Electrical Division.
  • Design new LKIM projects regarding Electrical works.
  • Prepare quotation/tender documents and plans for the purpose of tender/quotation calls.
  • Make a cost estimate for each electrical project.
  • Create quotation/tender reports for electrical projects.
  • Make physical progress reports for each electrical project.
  • Provide advice services to other Divisions in electrical related works.
  • Cooperate with private consultants in the electrical projects coordination works of the Department.
  • Attend site meetings that are related to electrical works.
  • Review the electrical system in the complex and carry out maintenance from time to time so that the electrical supply is always in a safe condition.

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