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Improve LKIM deliverance system through the use of an efficient Information and Communication Technology.


  • Submission of the Division Annual Report ending 31 December Annually to the Corporate Planning Division before 15th February the following year.
  • Submission of Fixed Assets Verification to the Administration Division before 31st January the following year.
  • Development of an Application System that is Compatible to the Users Requirement.
  • Immediate Action to Overcome Computer Problems and Damages Experienced by Users such as:-
    • 4 – 6 Hours if the Problem Occurs in the Head Office and can be solved without our officer and without the involvement of a third party.
    • 2 – 3 Days if the problem occurs outside the Head Office.
  • Provision of Support Services in terms of Computer User System to Our Clients when required.


  • Creation of an Information Management System that is efficient and effective to assist LKIM make its organisational planning, decisions and policies.
  • Provision of sufficient data processing support services through the use of high-end computer technology facilities.



 A. Functions of the Database & Application Development Section

  • Conduct studies on the application system required.
  • Provision of specification for the application system developed.
  • Manage the purchase of the required system :-
    • Preparation of the Budget Application paper
    • Approval for Project Implementation
    • Issuance of Tender/Quotation
    • Evaluation of Tender/Quotation
    • Supervision of Project’s Progress
  • Testing of the developed system through the “Acceptance Test” according to the agreed specification.
  • Supervision of system implementation.
  • Maintenance of the existing system.
  • Manage the hardware and software maintenance to ensure that the system remains in good working condition. Repairs will be conducted should any damages occurred on the computer system either to its hardware or software.
  • Maintenance of the database system.
  • Knowledge enhancement according to the latest computer technology advancement.
  • Provision of training to user on computer application and new software.
  • Updating of documents according to LKIM application specification.
  • Preparation of evaluation report on the implementation of the application system.
  • Issuance of Reports and Statistics to the management, internal and external user.
  • Ensure that systems application implementation meeting is conducted according to schedule.

B. Functions of the Support & Operations Section

  • Manage the Maintenance of Micro Computer (PC), Server and tools related to it.
  • Management of LAN, WAN and the Internet and matter related to it.
  • Management and maintenance of LKIM Web-Mail – LKIM email
  • Monitor the Internet Content Access.
  • Manage computer equipment and writing tools. The task includes the provision of computer stationery such as toner, ink, diskette, CD R and printing papers.
  • Manage and maintain a backup of daily data. Task includes the management of a backup system for all computers in service within LKIM.
  • Supervise and monitoring of the server room. Task includes supervision of the air-conditioning unit (6 units), power supply (3 phase) and 20 units of server.

 C. Functions of General Administration Unit

  • Manage and supervise the operations on the general operations of the Information Technology and Communication Division.
  • Opening of file and recording of file movement. File update, minutes and storage in the file docket in the cabinet. Closing of big size files that exceed its limit and opening of a new chapter.
  • Acceptance and recording of all incoming mail to the Information Management Division. Followed by the distribution of mail to the respective divisional officers and staffs through the GOE-EGDMS System.
  • Acceptance of leave form, supervision of staffs leave and updating of staffs leave record.
  • Coordination and management of meetings for the Divisional Director.
  • reparation of Leave Application Form, payment instruction form, verification of bills and invoices submitted by suppliers and to have it recorded in the payment instruction registration book.
  • Manage the asset and inventory control system. Manage the maintenance of equipment and disposal of assets and inventory.
  • Coordination of management budget and divisional development budget.
  • Coordinate the Divisional Information Management Annual Report on a yearly basis.
  • Supervise and update the Officers and Staffs of the Information Technology and Communication Division Annual Work Target on a yearly basis.

Contact Us:
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Tel : 03-80649402
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