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Planning and Development Division



1. Organise an effective plan that would give a substantial impact to the target group.


  1. Preparation of Minutes of Meeting within 3 Days after the Meeting Date.
  2. Provision of Feedback on all Meetings attended by the Director’s General.
  3. Prepare and submit the SPP Report and Financial Performance Report to the Ministry of Agriculture no later than the 20th of each month.
  4. Preparation and Submission of Answers to Questions Posed by Parliamentary Members within Four (4) Days from the Questions Presentation Date.
  5. Production of LKIM Basic Information Booklet before the end of the month of July Every Year.
  6. Submission of 47 booklets of Annual Reports and Unaudited Account Statement inclusive of the Cabinet Paper to the Ministry of Agriculture before 15th January the Following Year.
  7. Submission of Annual Report and Audited Account Statement inclusive of the Cabinet Paper to the Ministry of Agriculture 60 days after the Acceptance of the Audit Certificate.
  8. Submission of 305 booklets of Annual Report and Audited Account Statement No Later than 2 weeks before the Parliamentary Seating.


(i) Implement the planned corporate activities in LKIM via administration of policies, objectives,
programs and projects strategies on all projects at all stage.

(ii) Create and administer information for an effective and updated management system.

A. Functions of the Strategic and International Planning Section

i. Outlining of micro and strategic planning to achieve LKIM objectives.

ii. Outline the action plan in tandem to the strategic and international planning.

iii. Ensure the deliverables of the organisational objectives.

iv. Determine the program/project priority according to its objective, existing policy and
within the approved expenditure budget.

v. Determine the corporate policies / macro policies towards achieving LKIM establishment

vi. Manage and administer the corporatisation of LKIM.

vii. Establishment of a data centre for internal use and as a reference centre at the
Ministerial level that also act as an indicator for LKIM’s achievement.

B. Functions of the Corporate Affairs Section

i. Ensure that all meetings are conducted and implemented according to plan annually.

ii. Ensure that the LKIM Annual Report and Account Statement are submitted according to the
stipulated standard and date.

iii. Ensure that the list of personnel on duties and questions from Parliament are prepared
according to the parliamentary seating schedule.

iv. Facilitate matters derived from meetings at all level.

C. Functions of the Budget, Supervisory & Evaluation Section

i. Preparation and coordination of LKIM Development Projects KPI’s

ii. Coordinate the preparation of Five Year Budget Planning, Half Term Studies, LKIM Annual

iii. Planned the expenditure requirement for all LKIM projects that will be implemented including
acquiring for additional budget from the Central Agency.

iv. Coordinate, identify and supervise the implementation and achievement
of LKIM development projects.

v. Coordinate, identify and supervise the implementation and achievement of LKIM special projects,
such as:-

a. Poverty Eradication

b. Parliamentary Area Micro Projects

c. Federal Government Special Fund

vi. Coordinate and conduct evaluation report on LKIM development projects.

vii. Coordinate and update information on the Monitoring System for Project II (SPP II)  and SPPPP Data Monitoring System.

viii. Manage the JTPL Meeting and other related meetings of the same manner and preparation of the
minutes of meeting within 3 days after the meeting date.

ix. Collect, analyse and coordinate the preparation of data and information related to
the fish industry.

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