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Marketing and Licensing Division


Developing markets for fishermen’s haul and fisheries-based industry entrepreneurs in the domestic and international markets in order to optimally contribute to the development of national economy and the implementation of compliance within the relevant acts and regulations.

  • Provide outcomes reports for promotional and exposition activities within the first month after  programme implementation.
  • Provide reports of selected fish commodity prices in the local market to the Ministry (MOA) every 2 weeks.
  • Grant decisions to development projects applications put forward by the target group within 1 month subject to the completion of subjected document.
  • Provide feedback or answers to all official inquiries, public complaints and general correspondence within 3 working days.
  • Payment of fish landing incentives on the 16th of the following month.
  • To provide outcome on the applications of import, export and fish trade licences in a period of 10 working days, provided that all information and documents are complete.
  • To implement licence renewal within one hour, provided that all the information required is provided by the licence holder.

  • Identify and create new marketing channels for fishery products including aquaculture commodities at domestic and international levels.
  • Establish an efficient information management system related to the fish industry to help all stakeholders.
  • Introduce and promote local fishery products in domestic and overseas market.
  • Improve the competitiveness of fishery products produced by the SMEs through new initiatives.
  • Shortening the supply chain (supply chain) to generate the best price returns for fishermen and fair price and value to consumers.
  • Mobilise the Fishermen’s Association to be actively involved in the marketing of fishery products to be a major contributor to the economy of the Fishermen’s Association and its members.
  • To establish reasonable regulations to control the import, export (Sabah & Sarawak) and fish trading to promote good fish marketing practices in supporting the development of fisheries industry of the nation.
  • To enforce the Laws and Regulations as set forth in the LKIM Act 1971 as well as the existing laws contained in it (Fish Marketing Rules 2013 and LKIM Rules (Fisheries Complexes, Fisheries Harbours and Fisheries Landing Jetties) Rules 2010.
  • To carry out monitoring and evaluation of relevant legislation.
  • To conduct monitoring of subsidised fuel and diesel to fishermen.
     Fishermen’s Market Development

  • Identify suitable sites for Fishermen’s Market
  • Develop new Fishermen’s Market
  • Manage, monitor and evaluate the operations and the improvement of Fishermen’s Market
  • Implement upgrading works of existing Fishermen’s markets (as appropriate)
  • Organise programmes for fishermen’s market entrepreneurship
     Q Fish

  • To identify and appoint potential suppliers
  • To ensure the suppliers appointed establish the price tags based on the set ceiling standards
  • To identify the requirements of the Ikan Rakyat Programme
  • To manage, monitor and evaluate the progress status of the Ikan Rakyat Programme
  • To conduct inspection visits from time to time to ensure freezers are not misused and the supply of fish is sufficient
  • Responsible in introducing the Ikan Rakyat Programme through the participation in promotional activities
  • To assist in providing equipment facilities
     Information Management

  • Generate commodity and market information from various sources (primary and secondary).
  • Provide key information such as production, prices and the players involved.
  • Analyse data and generate reports for management and other stakeholders.
  • Establish an efficient information management system.
    Market Research

  • Supply & Demand as well as Utilisation Study
  • Analyse Consumption Patterns
  • Market research based on products, marketing channels and locations
  • Inflation Scenario and Price Fluctuations Research and influencing parameters.
  • Analyse Development of Private Investment Growth
     Information Publication and Dissemination

  • Manage data/statistics and developing an information dissemination system.
  • The publication of statistics, reports, newsletters, directories, catalogues in hard copy, soft copy and via on-line.
     e-Pengisytiharan and Fish-haul Incentives

  • Declaration of landing and monitoring involving 240 declaration centres with 502 staff  and 36,000 vessels. Declaration and monitoring are carried out every day with an estimated 8,000 declarations.
  • Payment incentive of RM0.10 for fishermen who lands fish every month.

  • Processing of new applications for the Import, Export, Wholesale and Retail License.
  • Implement licence renewal and updating licensee information.
  • Process amendment of embargos and licence restrictions.
  • Track activities of importers, exporters and traders of fish.
  • Provide lectures / explanations of the LKIM licensing.
  • Monitor licensing and testifying in courts.
  • Provide a directory of importer / exporter of fish.
  • Process applications of Fish Trader Registrar.
     Market Development

  • Participation in International Trade Expositions
  • Networking & Business Matching (Expo, Seminar, Conference, etc.)
  • International Market Survey & Access
  • Identify Global and Alternative Market Channels
     Promotions and Expositions

  • Event organisation.
  • Participation in International Expositions
  • Conceptual Designs of Exhibition / Pavilion
  • Advertisement and Publications
  • Reporting/Feedback and Follow-up Actions

  • Identify and develop marketing infrastructure & logistics.
  • Organise educational programmes and campaigns.
  • Market Research.
  • Product development and resource management. “Product Development & Resource Utilisation ‘.
  • Generate information on aquaculture products and marketing channels.
  • Implement entrepreneurial programmes.
     Freshwater Fish Marketing

  • Organise educational programmes and campaigns.
  • Identify and develop marketing infrastructure & logistics.
  • Review of freshwater fish market.
  • Contract Farming.
  • Product development and resource utilisation.
  • Information on aquaculture products and marketing channels.
  • Implement entrepreneurship programmes
     PN Fish Marketing

  • To regulate participation of PNK/PNN in the farmers markets throughout Malaysia
  • To identify and develop the infrastructure & logistics of PN marketing
  • Study on the fish market in Farmers Market
  • Impact study on PN participating in the farmers market.
  • Information on fish landings of artisanal fishermen and market channels.
  • Implement entrepreneurial programmes.

  • To implement aquaculture development programmes based on the remaining existing development allocations to potential Fishermen Associations.
  • To coordinate and oversee the conduct of Aquaculture Projects under LKIM privatisation programmes.
  • To coordinate and oversee the flow of construction and operations of the Protech Fish Aquaculture Project within four states namely Kedah, Kelantan, Pahang and Johor.
  • To coordinate and supervise the construction specifications of High Impact Aquaculture Projects (HIP) which are currently or will be built.
Contact Us:
Marketing and Licensing Division,
Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia,
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Tel : 03-80649000
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