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Fishermen’s Housing Special Project

The Fishermen’s Housing Special Project (PKPN) is an aid given to low-income fishermen to repair and build new houses. This project will also develop the resettlement of fishermen for the well-being of fisherfolks in enjoying a better and comfortable quality of life.


The three (3) main components of the Fishermen’s Housing Special Project are as follows:

  • Fishermen’s House Repair Works
  • Build New Fishermen’s Houses
  • Resettlement of Fishermen’s Houses

Fishermen’s House Repair Works

Starting in 2020, repair works for fishermen’s houses is carried out by mutual cooperation (gotong-royong) involving the target group and by appointing a contractor. LKIM encourages the implementation of mutual cooperation in order to foster the value of consensus and the spirit of cooperation in carrying out repair works and construction of new fishermen’s houses. In an effort to ensure the successful implementation of this programme, the relevant Regional Fishermen’s Association (PNK) has been appointed as the Project Leader based on approval from the Ministry of Finance Malaysia. The maximum cost for this programme is as follows:


Maximum Cost For Fishermen’s House Repair Works Programme


Maximum Rate

(RM/Per Unit)

Peninsular Malaysia13,000

Build New Fishermen’s Houses

The Federal Government provides allocations to build fishermen’s houses with a maximum cost as follows:


Maximum Rate

(RM/ Per Unit)

Semenanjung Malaysia56,000

An additional maximum of 10 percent of the actual cost may be considered for island and rural areas that do not have perfect transportation facilities.

Resettlement of Fishermen (PSN)

The implementation for the Resettlement of Fishermen (PSN) is an effort between the Federal Government through the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry/ Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia (LKIM) with state governments and is aimed at developing the resettlement of fishermen with comfortable basic infrastructure.


The Federal Government provides an allocation to build houses in each location with a maximum cost of RM70,000 for the Peninsular and RM90,000 for Sabah, Sarawak and the Federal Territory of Labuan. An allocation of RM1 million was also channeled to develop basic infrastructure such as a multi-purpose hall, surau, futsal court, playground, kindergarten, shop and others that are appropriate at each PSN location.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Fishermen’s Resettlement Housing Project (PSN), Benting Lintang, Besut

Fisherman’s House Repair Programme by PMN Director in Sik Kedah

Handover of Newly Built Houses to Fishermen in Kampung Kelulut