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Registry of Fishermen Associations



  • Produce competitive Fishermen’s Associations at global level which complies with the legal provisions of the Fishermen’s Association.


  • Ensure that the Fishermen’s Association complies with the legal requirements of the Fishermen’s Association.

·       Ensure that the interests and rights of members of the Fishermen’s Association are guaranteed




A. Duties of the Fishermen’s Association Training and Management Unit

  • Training / Legal Secretariat to Board Members and Representatives of Fishermen’s Associations.
  • As course speakers and provide advisory services to Fishermen’s Associations.
  • Provide Legal course notes, legislation guides / procedures for Fishermen’s Associations.
  • Manage invitation letters to courses, trainings and prepare course equipment.
  • Secretariat for the Fishermen’s Association project and activity approval Committee.
  • Secretariat for the Registrar’s approval on visits and establishment of funds by Fishermen’s Associations.
  • Manage letters or notices for approval to the Annual General Meetings of PNK, PNN and NEKMAT.
  • Manage the review of members’ categories as well as Board Members of regional Fishermen’s Associations.
  • Manage reviews and remarks of the Fishermen’s Association minutes of meeting.


B. Duties of the Inspectorate and Legal Unit

  • Secretariat of the inspection and enforcement of Fishermen’s Associations.
  • Manage the proposed amendment of the constitution and adopting the new constitution of regional Fishermen’s Associations.
  • Manage the suspension and dissolution of Fishermen’s Associations.
  • Manage the establishment, registration and split of Fishermen’s Associations.
  • Updating Circulars and Registrar Directives.
  • Manage the affairs of Appointment / Proclaim of Registrars, Assistant Registrars and State Supervisors.
  • Manage the appointment of Registrar Representatives.


C. Duties of the Administration Unit

  • Manage the files of the Fishermen’s Association Registrar’s Office.
  • Receive and record incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Manage the equipment and stationery of the Registrar’s Office.
  • Manage fax and post of outgoing mail.


D. Duties of the Accounts / Audit Unit

  • Accounts management
  • Prepare and update the Registrar Closure Account.
  • Assist in the preparation of PN accounts in the UBS system.
  • Oversee the implementation of the UBS system.
  • Deal with UBS Corporation for system upgrades.
  • Provide the UBS Manual.
  • Regulate the preparation of PN’s final account.
  • Provide training / courses and tutoring in preparing the Final Account.
  • Prepare and update the Fishermen’s Association Accounting Manual.
  • Financial Management of Fishermen’s Associations.
  • Process and approve application for profit distribution.
  • Identify and help improve the financial management efficiency of PN that are average and weak.
  • Review and provide financial views on PN investment applications before the Registrar’s decision is issued.
  • Monitor budget allocation and expenditures based on budget.
  • Prepare and monitor the acquisition method of PN.
  • Provide financial management advice services.
  • Prepare the Registrar’s budget application.
  • Control the Registrar’s Office Vot allocation.
  • Fishermen’s Association Audit Management
  • Review and examine Audit reports.
  • Issue Registrar’s warning letters.
  • Provide the Auditor’s register.
  • Grant approval to qualified individuals to audit PN accounts.
  • Manage and monitor the Registrar’s Audit Fee revenue collection.
  • Process the PN audit fund application.



Our commitment is to provide efficient, accurate services and strive to provide satisfaction to our customers as follows : –

  • Manage and give decisions on the establishment and registration of any application submitted by the Fishermen’s Association’s Temporary Committee within 30 working days provided the document submitted is complete.
  • Investigate and give Registrar’s Response on all cases of member disputes referred to this Office within 14 working days provided conditions to submit together relevant proofs/ supporting documents .
  • Review and prepare Registrar’s Response on application for registration as a Registered Auditor’s Panel of Fishermen’s Association to enable audit on the Fishermen’s Financing Account within 7 working days with the requirement to submit the necessary information / supporting documents.
  • Provide decisions on proposals for carrying out economic projects, investments, external loans and the establishment of a subsidiary company by the Fishermen’s Association within 20 working days with condition that the documents are complete and obtain the comments and support of the State Supervisor Officers / Chief Registrar Representative.
  • Review and Submit Registrar’s Response to the proposal to amend the Constitution of the Fishermen’s Association within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the application with full terms with the comments and support of State Supervisor Officers / Chief Registrar Representative.
  • Register the Amendment of the Fishermen’s Association Constitution approved by the General Meeting within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the application provided the document is complete.
  • Provide Registrar’s Response to the application for the use of the Fishermen’s Association Fund within 10 working days with the requirement to submit complete documents with comments and support of the State Supervisor Officer / Chief Registrar Representative.
  • Provide Registrar’s Results on the proposal of awarding Bonus and Honorarium as well as Dividends within 10 working days provided the document is complete.
  • Submit proposed Appointment and Revocation of Registrar of Registrars, Assistant Registrars and Supervisors of the State Fishermen’s Association to be gazetted to the Minister within 14 working days from the date of appointment or vacancy subject to the formal notification from the LKIM Management Services Division.
  • Grant the written consent of the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary Meeting to the Fishermen’s Association within 5 working days from the date of receipt of the application.

Prepared by :
Registrar’s Office
Fishermen’s Association of MALAYSIA

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