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LKIM Fisheries Complex / Port

The LKIM Fisheries Complex/ Port was developed to ensure that fish catches are landed more systematically and integrated with the use of a complete and modern operating system. There are 48 LKIM Fisheries Complexes/ Ports currently operating as shown in the diagram below.

Among the components found in LKIM Fisheries Complexes/ Ports are as follows:

  • Wharfs
  • Bases
  • Dockyards
  • Fish Processing Areas
  • Fish Inspection Centres
  • Jetty or Landing Places
  • Fish Wholesale Markets
  • Fish Retail Markets
  • Auction Halls
  • Repair Areas 
  • Plants Supplying Fuel or Ice

However, the facilities depend on the current needs within the locality.

Distribution of LKIM Fisheries Complexes/ Ports throughout Malaysia

LKIM Fisheries Complex Sedili

LKIM Fisheries Port Tanjung Manis

LKIM Fisheries Port Chendering

LKIM Fish Landing Complex Port Klang

LKIM Fisheries Complex Kuala Kemaman

LKIM Fisheries Complex Tok Bali