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Infrastructure Development

Last updated : 15/10/2015

Programmes / Complex Management Section Activities /
a. Monitoring Visits to LKIM’s Complexes
b. LKIM’s Management Complex Courses/Workshops/Briefings
c. LKIM’s Complex/PPI  management monitoring
d. Management of Agreements, acquisitions and rental of complexes/PPI

Programmes / Infrastructure Development Section Activities
a. Upgrading of LKIM’s ports and Fish Landing Complexes to meet the EU standards
b. Restoration/Upgrading of LKIM Kuala Perlis Fishery Jetty
c. Building the jetty and fishermen’s facilities in Langkawi Island
d. Construction of Beladin Fish Landing Complex, Sarawak
e. Construction of Kuala Sanglang LKIM Complex, Kedah
f. Construction of Kuala Selangor LKIM Complex, Selangor
g. Construction of Labuan LKIM Complex, Federal Region of Labuan
h. Construction of Pontian LKIM Complex, Johor
i.   PFI (Private Financial Initiative) – collaboration with Public Private Partnership Unit (UKAS) JPM.
– Construction of Kuching LKIM Complex (Tg. Bako) Sarawak
– Construction of Sandakan LKIM Complex, Sabah.
– Construction of Hutan Melintang LKIM Complex, Perak