Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the advantage of Fishermen’s Market compared to other open markets?

  1. Fish being sold is fresh and obtained directly from the fishermen.
  2. All sales of products are required to be CLEAN, FRESH, QUALITY AND AT REASONABLE PRICE.
  3. Almost all of the traders consist of fishermen and fishermen families.

How can I join the Fishermen’s Market?

Those who are interested may contact the LKIM Office Complex or the Fishermen’s Association in respective area (PNK) near the Fishermen’s Market operation to obtain entry forms and more information. Information can also be obtained from the LKIM state office.

3. Who can join the Fishermen’s Market?

Fishermen and Fishermen families. However, sales of non-fishery sector such as vegetables, meat and others, consideration may be granted to those who are interested.

4. How much are the charges to join the Fishermen’s Market?

There are no charges for business start-up. However, there will be a minimal charge imposed in the near future to compensate for payments of site-cleaning works, water supply and related services.

5. How about the sales set-up for every sale of products?

Almost all of the sales set-up will be provided by LKIM. It is to reduce the burden of the participants in the preparation of sales set-up that emphasises the concept of uniformity, cleanliness and in inculcating ‘Good Marketing Practices’ values. (GMP) Frequently asked questions that are commonly forwarded by the consumers.

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