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Fisherman’s Market


The Fisherman’s Market Programme was created as an alternative market channel to give fishermen the opportunity to market their catch directly to various levels of consumers. In addition, the aim is to reduce the level of involvement of middlemen so that fishermen get a better and profitable price return margin and consumers get a supply of fresh fish at a reasonable price.


The involvement of fishermen as participants has helped increase the income of fishermen from below RM1,000.00 per month to over RM2,000.00 per month. The layout of the Fisherman’s Market is also more organized and centralized under one roof with better and more comfortable infrastructure and equipment.


To date, a total of 135 Fisherman’s Markets have been built with the involvement of 640 participants.


Location Of Fisherman’s Market Nationwide


The main objectives of establishing the Fisherman’s Market are as follows:

  • To encourage the participation of fishermen/ fisherman families/ PNN/ PNK or NEKMAT in the field of business and entrepreneurship to reduce dependence on middlemen.
  • To expand the market space for fishery products in an integrated and centralized manner.
  • To allow fishermen to get a higher price return for increased income and living standards.
  • To allow consumers to obtain a supply of fresh and quality fish at a reasonable price.
  • To contribute to the economic and social development of the community and local area.



Product Categories

The sale of fish and fishery products is given priority at the Fisherman’s Market, but in order to make it easier for visitors to get their needs at the one-stop center, sales of products from agriculture, livestock and several other categories are also made available as follows:

  • Sale of fresh fish, shellfish and processed products;
  • Sale of live fish and other seafood products (prawns, crabs, squids);
  • Sale of freshwater fish;
  • Agricultural products and meat; and
  • Food Preparation Service Products/ Handicrafts produced by fishermen/ fishing families.

Fisherman’s Market

Sales Activities at the Fisherman’s Market