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Fishermen’s Wives Group (KUNITA)

In an effort to improve the socioeconomic position among the fishing community, attention needs to be focused on the fisherfolk’s family which consists of the wives and children of fishermen.


The wives of fishermen can play an important role in increasing the family income by carrying out economic activities through the Fishermen’s Wives Group (KUNITA). With the existence of KUNITA, it is easier for LKIM to coordinate or channel aid to this target group.


The Fishermen’s Wives Group is an informal organization that operates under the supervision of the Fishermen’s Association.

Establishment objectives of KUNITA:

  • To create families with good socio-economic status.
  • To create fishing communities with morals and ethics.
  • To strengthen the social and economic activities of the Fishermen’s Association through efforts to encourage savings, businesses and investments.
  • To identify and make full use of women’s potential to increase family income.
  • To create female leaders and beliawanis youths among the wives and children of fishermen.
  • To give women the opportunity to speak and be open-minded.


Establishment conditions of KUNITA

  • This group can be established with a minimum of 10 members.
  • To appoint a Group Leader, Assistant Leader, Secretary and Committee of 6 to 8 people.
  • To hold a meeting at least once a year and provide minutes of the meeting.


Membership requirements:

  • A fisherman’s wife whose husband is a member of the Fishermen’s Association 
  • Fisherman’s daughter or sister who is 18 years old or older
  • A single mother whose deceased husband worked as a fisherman


Number of KUNITA members by state

No.StateNo of KUNITAMembers
3.Pulau Pinang6490
6.Negeri Sembilan244
14.W.P Labuan245


Standard Operating Procedures for the applications of assistance to fishing economic groups:

The criteria for assistance in upgrading business premises and purchasing KUNITA project equipment that can be considered are:

  • The premise site is owned by the Fishermen’s Association/ LKIM/ State Government.
  • For rented premises must be legally rented with at least 2 years remaining on the rental period. A copy of the premises rental document must be included with the application letter.
  • For the supply of equipment must be suitable for the use of the project.
  • Has the potential to grow but has constraints in terms of capital for the development of infrastructure and equipment.


The proposal paper for upgrading KUNITA business premises should be:

  • Projects that are viable and able to provide opportunities for KUNITA
  • Through the support of the State LKIM Director.
  • Impact of the project on KUNITA members – the number of beneficiaries and the total increase in income.

Activities of KUNITA

Kunita PNK Bacok

KUNITA PNK Bachok, Kelantan carrying out the processing of salted talang queenfish

Kunita Sri Betong, Pulau Pinang.

Lectures/ Motivational Programmes