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Fisherman's Subsistence Allowance (ESHN)

The Fishermen’s Subsistence Allowance (ESHN) is a monthly assistance to individual owners of fishing vessels and citizen workers working on licensed vessels. The assistance rate for 2021 is RM 300.00 per month compared to 2020 with a total payment rate of RM 250.00 per month to eligible recipient categories. This programme is one of the government’s efforts to help fishermen ease the burden in facing economic pressure due to the increase in the cost of living.

Distribution of ESHN For a 5-Year Period

YearNumber of RecipientsValue (RM)

System : e-Pengisytiharan (Declaration)

ESHN payment ceremony to 595 beneficiaries throughout Melaka

Announcement on increase in Fishermen’s Subsistence Allowance during the Prime Minister’s Programme with Sabah Farmers, Breeders and Fishermen in Beaufort