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Corporate Communications Division

Corporate Communications Division

  • Assist in establishing LKIM’s image to reflect its commitment in propelling the fisheries industry and as a contributor to the growth of nation’s fishing sector.
  • To produce and disseminate information via print or electronic media to the targeted group to create viable fishermen.
  • To effectively manage the communication aspect between LKIM with all its constituents by using strategies and established as well as continued communication programmes in order to produce a sensitive management team and fishermen in driving the nation’s fisheries industry.
  • To maintain good relationships and understanding among LKIM’s officers/staff with the management.
  • The experienced and quality task force will assist the LKIM’s officers/staff in matters pertaining to the internal and external publicity.
  • To enhance a more effective level of communications at targeted group and LKIM.


  • Towards accelerating the LKIM Corporate development via productive manpower excellence and accurate information.


We promise and are committed to provide an efficient, professional, ethical and friendly services to our clients as follows:-

1.     Monitor the issue and provide feedback about public complaints and queries in regard to the Ministry / Departments within the prescribed time frame via the following channel:-

  • Letter To The Editor (SKP) – 1 working day.
  • Internet (Online system/blog/email) – 14 working days.
  • SMS/ Telephone/Letters – 14 working days.
  • Public Complaints Bureau – 5 working days.
  • Further investigation – Not more than 30 days.

2.     To ensure the promotions and publicity for each activity and programme of ministry / Departments and Agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry are implemented widely, clearly and accurately via:-

  • Flyer – 1 week before the event.
  • Bunting/ Banner – 1 week before the event.
  • Advertisement – 2 weeks before the event.

3.     To ensure Editor’s Note (Media Invitation) is carried out 2 days before the implementation of the programme / activity.


  • Ensure LKIM activities secure wide publicity via mass media.
  • Ensure LKIM targeted audience understands and accept the LKIM and Ministry’s programmes.
  • Plan, coordinate and implement public relations and publicity programme in a systematic and orderly manner.
  • Perform the secretariat duty of public complaints for LKIM.
  • Plan and coordinate media strategy on behalf of LKIM.
  • Coordinate programmes with print and electronic media.
  • Implement the LKIM Bulletin publication.
  • Arrange for the participation of other Divisions in the exhibition activities involving LKIM.
  • Arrange for the Clientele Day Programme at the State and Fishermen’s Association level.


Contact Us:
Corporate Communication Unit,
Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia,
Level 5, Wisma LKIM, Jalan Desaria,
Pulau Meranti, 47120 Puchong,

Tel: 03-8064 9000