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Agro Based Industry Division


Divisional Mission
– Transformation of Agriculture Based Industry Entrepreneurs in order to nurture high income entrepreneurs.


Divisional Objectives

– Nurturing of Agriculture Based Industry Entrepreneurs that are knowledgeable, resilient and competitive.


A. Functions of the Entrepreneur’s Development & Fish Produce Development Centre

1.  Development of entrepreneur in fish & non-fish based industry.

2.  Development of entrepreneur under the Poverty Eradication Program.

3.  Development of Agro-Graduates Entrepreneur.

4.  Implementation of the entrepreneur’s income Enhancement & Diversification Program.

5.  Development of Entrepreneur under the SDSI program.

6.  Development of processing centre for Fishermen Association.

7.  Increase the processing centre production capacity.

8.  Increase production and capability (processing premise & equipment).

9.  Implementation of development programs for PKS/IKS in collaboration with State
government/ Private bodies/ ECERDC and other establishment.

10. Development of PKS/IKS lots and Processing Plant to be operated by entrepreneurs
on land owned by LKIM/PN/State Government.

11. Coordination and supervision of projects managed by entrepreneurs/PPHP.

12. Development of Fish based processing projects to enhance KUNITA & Kubena economic standing.

B. Functions of the Quality Enhancement & Product Commercialization Section

1.  Enhancement of PPHP/PN/Entrepreneur’s product quality and safety features.

2.  Development of IAT products packaging and labeling.

3.  Enhancement of the target group production capability in terms of technology & fish based
products diversification.

4.  Commercialization of new fish based products.

5.  Development & expansion of value added products.

6.  Development of products certification (Plant/premise and products)

7.  Development & enhancement of Products Collection Centre.

8.  Development & enhancement of production capacity & products quality for the Budu Getting Plant and
the Modern Cracker Factory in Besut.

9.  Conduct price research on raw material / processed products & marketing of products.

10. Creation of a database centre on information related to processing and entrepreneurs involved in
the fish and non-fish based processing activities.


C. Functions of the Entrepreneur Skill Enhancement Section
1. Manage the IAT entrepreneur training program.

Scope of Training:-

  • Processing Technique
  • Food Safety
  • Certification/Branding
  • Packaging/Labeling
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Motivation
2.  Training for Agro-Graduates Entrepreneur.

3.  Enhancement of vocational skill & professional services in process management within PPHP/PKS plant.

4.  Industrial visit

5. Provision of support services activity to promote entrepreneurs involvement in the field of IAT.

6. Management of publicity & dissemination of information on the processing industry.

7. Coordination of MPBB/MPPP Programs.
8. Training via placement within local processing plants.
9. Incubator Training.



Contact us :-

Agro Based Industry Division
Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia,
Aras 2, Wisma LKIM, Jalan Desaria,
Pulau Meranti, 47120 Puchong,

Tel  : 03-8064 9000
FaX  : 03-80603143