Community and Fishermen Organisation Development

Fishermen Association Development Unit Programmes/Activities 1. Monitoring Visit of Fisherman’s Association Development Projects 2. Courses and Trainings on Handling Economic Projects Fishermen Association Management Monitoring Unit Programmes/Activities 1.Courses and Trainings for Members of the Board of Directors and staff of the Fishermen Association. 2. Office equipment aid to the impoverished Fishermen Associations 3. State Level Farmers, Livestock Producers and Fishermen’s Day (HPPN). 4. Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism (MAHA) International / National Level Farmers, Livestock Producers and Fishermen’s Day/ Nelayan Jaya (Successful Fishermen)/ Conventions 5. Leaders with the Fishermen Programme 6. Nelayan Jaya (Successful Fishermen) Educational Visit. Fishermen Village and Residence Development Unit Programmes/Activities 1. Fisherman Village Development (Physical Project) 2. Citizen Well-being Development Scheme (SPKR) 3. Fishermen / Fishermen Housing Relocation 4. Maintenance and Monitoring Programme of LKIM Jetties 5. Desa Wawasan (Visionary Village) Programme Community Development Unit Programmes/Activities 1. Kumpulan Wanita Nelayan (KUNITA) Economy Programme 2. Human Capital and Income Enhancement of Kumpulan Belia Nelayan (Youth Fishermen Group) (KUBENA) 3. Subject Tuition for Fishermen’s Children 4. Natural Disaster Aid Scheme and Fishermen Welfare